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June 20, 2020

    By Sandy Glover


    Back in the 1970s, my mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At the time, education on mental illness was lacking. Patients would go into inpatient facilities for months at a time, but once discharged, they were left to fend for themselves. They weren’t referred to outpatient therapists or offered outside classes for coping skills.

    My mother presented with signs of severe depression and psychosis that included auditory and visual hallucinations and delusions.

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    When you live with a mental health condition, your brain and body often send you a message that makes you feel like you are in a crisis situation. But sometimes you may find yourself in a dangerous situation.

    For our purposes here, a crisis might mean getting in trouble with the law or injuring yourself accidentally or on purpose. It’s also a crisis situation if you find yourself developing a plan to take your own life or are considering hurting others.

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    circle of care mental health guide book

    Circle of Care Discussion Group is brought to you by NAMI Yavapai and NAMI Sedona.

    Circle of Care, A Guidebook For Mental Health Caregivers, is designed to guide friends, family & neighbors who care for someone with a mental health condition.

    The group will meet online for four Thursdays, starting on May 7th at 6:30 PM, via ZOOM.  The ZOOM invitation will be sent to you after you register. 

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    AHCCCS is responding to an outbreak of respiratory illness, called COVID-19, caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. Health officials urge good hand washing hygiene, covering coughs, and staying home if you are sick.

    On March 11, Governor Doug Ducey issued a Declaration of Emergency and an Executive Order regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Arizona. This action will provide health officials and administrators with tools and guidance necessary to combat the continued spread of COVID-19 and to reduce financial burdens on Arizonans by lowering healthcare costs associated with the virus.

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